Sunday, September 7, 2008

The red phone and red temper

Does it matter how much time a man has spent in Washington if he has repeatedly been labeled a hot head with that RED PhONE? On the other hand we have a young man who has invested his time directly with people in community service, rejected the big bucks in law firms, went on to write two insightful books, one which enabled him to run for the Presidency. Then he went forward with his inate abilities to reform and organize campaign finance - our best form of it - by the people, for the people, of the people. He organized a most outstanding, far reaching presidential campaign to include you and me no matter how much money we have. We love his cool headedness, his integrity to serve us and U.S., even though he is smart - the kind of smarts that can earn you $1M over and over.
Hot head or level head, thoughful or cranky?

McCain - the Agent for Change

This is the shortest campaign period for President, with the greatest need for improving our situation for the American people as well as our fellow nations.

Please God, let it be fair and truthful.